Thursday, August 13, 2009

Data Entry Bucks - Sham or Scam?

I'm constantly amazed by the rehashing sites that claim you can "Earn $200 - $500 For EVERY Email You Process From Home"

Yes, it's another email spam, sham. Here's the spam email I received.

_Dearest Opportunity Seeker,

"Yes, you read it right! Earn $200 - $500 Every Single Day Working From Your Computer"

Are you tired of working at a boring job?
Do you want to earn a huge money just by
staying at home? So let me help you how.

There is no experience necessary, You don't
need to learn any technical computer stuff!
Your basic computer skills is good enough,
Complete the training provided to you.

If You are the one we are looking for, Just follow the link below. (
Link removed so as not to further propagate the sham).

Cherry Smith

Not only is this bad copy, but the title of the email claiming I can earn $200-$500 per EVERY Email I process is NOT what the content of the email states. Within the body of the email, it's not per email, but per day.

Sad part about this is that general data entry, working from home is now a profitable business for those "selling" the deal ... not those who join, unless of course that person can then convince others to "buy" into the deal.

If you go to the Data Entry Bucks site, there is a notice:


Due to overwhelming response to this offer we will soon have to close our doors to new participants. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
As of August 11, 2009 we have 4 remaining spots. If you would like to guarantee your membership, you will have to take action immediately. We will not be allowing any more members once these positions are filled.

Notices like this, supposed limiting the number of memberships left prey on the 'fear of loss' scheme. I imagine if I check tomorrow, the date will change and there will still be 4 remaining spots because there is a pre-written scripted code running in the html on the page to change the date.

So what are you getting for the discounted price $39.00 ? You are getting access to an already over-used database of companies that perhaps at one time 'paid' others to do their ad campaigns. But will any of those companies need your services today? No.

Oh yes, I realize they are trying to entice you in with a bunch of 'free stuff' that they've put an arbitrary value on.

The one that caught my eye the most was the first offer that you are getting free.

"Real Data Entry Home Jobs! We provide a list of real verified companies looking to hire individuals willing to work at home. Our database is constantly updated with the latest job offers. Companies will often pay per hour. Get access to numerous real data entry jobs now!

I thought that was what I was paying for already in my $39.00? Which is the real list, the one I am paying for or the one that comes free after I pay $39.00 ?

Don't get me started on the get paid to do surveys. Been there, done that, years ago ... and they still do not pay out. Most generally after spending 5-10 minutes going through the survey you find out you are not qualified, BUT you've been entered into a pool for a free drawing???????

Mystery Shopping? Try Market Force - they are legit.

Wholesale sources? Why should I need that even if it's free? I thought I was going to be doing data entry for all these big companies that have CASH to pay?

Get paid to drive? A ton of companies out there promote this, weeding through to get to the real ones is a challenge.

A free website? Yeah, just like the one I was just on. Costs the creator PENNIES to replicate a website. PENNIES! NOT a $300 value!!!!!

$200 Credit just for signing up? VERY misleading. On the surface, it sounds like they are putting $200 cash in your account, and unless you read the FAQ, that's exactly what you will think. But in the FAQ you find out that it's for ad costs ... IF you chose to use their ad system. There's no way to monitor this at all.

And the 1 on 1 coaching? Please ... these type of sites are designed to suck money out of your wallet into their wallet. There's not even a phone contact on the site... just an email fill in form that no one has to respond to.

Proof of payment chart? It's dated back in 2007 when the original site was created.
Updated Date: 04-aug-2009
Creation Date: 09-oct-2007
Expiration Date: 09-oct-2009

Now, if the site was updated Aug 04, 2009, as according to the 'whois' DNS info indicates, why not update it with more recent proof of earning statements? It's just a table that anyone can create and paste in a site. If you look at enough of them on sites like this, you will see a certain amount of commonality.... hmmmmm... like they copied it from someone else's site?

Bottom line - DO NOT DO IT! Unless of course you have money to through away. I'm not sure why anyone with a conscious would even promote such a thing unless of course they are just hoping to get their $39 back.

This Data Entry Bucks system is just another way to suck innocent victims in. Granted it's only 39 bucks, but for some, it's money that could have been spent on gasoline or food to put on the table.

One last thing to think about. IF this were a legitimate opportunity, what people new to the internet do not realize is that one should NOT expect to get paid MORE for working online than they would in the real world.

~Jennifer Fisher
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Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, my name is Henry and I was thinking about joining Data Entry Bucks but I read your review on them and I changed my mind. I am new to all this so your article opened my eyes. Thanks H

JenniferF said...

Henry I am thrilled that this article saved you money and disappointment down the road.

I know how hard it is to weed through all the scams and shams to find a real opportunity to create income online from home. Been there, had those struggles myself.

I feel for more of these scams than anyone person should have to but there again, I wanted to believe there was integrity and truth in everything I found.

Wishing you great success. Thank you for stopping by.... and thank you for letting me know.

Cassandra said...

Hi Henry, I also thank you for this article it is so hard tring to find something legit that you can do from home I almost scared to keep searching online because everything I come across is a scam in some aspect or another.

JenniferF said...

Hello Cassandra,
Thank you for dropping by and sharing your comments on my site.

It is unfortunate that anyone can create a website and then go about fleecing unsuspecting, trusting people.

Always keep this in mind, if the income claim is not realistic in the real world, very likely it is a scam.

Jennifer M. said...

Henry, Just like you, i too was looking in to joiningd data entry bucks. I am a stay at home mother, and went to school for computers so i would be really good at something like this, and would really enjoy it. If only it were real. I am glad that i came across this site Jennifer, as i was just about to pay and decided to go ahead and google it. Glad i did. I take it that you have been involved in scams like this one? Do you know of any REAL jobs that we can do from home?

JenniferF said...

Hello Jennifer M.

Jennifer, I consider myself one of the queens of having been scammed. There is no legit data entry work online anymore, just scammers out there trolling the internet hoping to make a buck or two off someone who doesn't know.

About the only thing left on line that is legit in the JOB world is third party customer service, which requires excellent computer skills and customer service skills, talking with people.

Alpine Access is one of them, but I do not know if they are hiring.

Always keep this one - ok two things in mind. Legitimate companies do not create cheesy looking sites and they list their location with telephone numbers..... nor do they pay more than that same job would in the real world.

Best of luck to you,
Jennifer Fisher

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Jennifer,
My name is Betty and you saved me from this too !!! Wish you only the best :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi , I saw you site and this really saved me. I am wondering do you know any legit data entry work? :)

JenniferF said...

Unfortunately I know of no legitimate Data Entry jobs. About the only thing left on line that is legit in the JOB world is third party customer service, which requires excellent computer skills and customer service skills, talking with people.

Alpine Access is one of them, but I do not know if they are hiring.

Wishing you the best of success.....